Ian Parmiter

Ian Parmiter is a permanent figure in the Portsmouth & Southsea community. Well known for being one fourth of the band Emptifish, an iconic Portsmouth punk band,      turned highly regarded Antiques dealer of Parmiter’s Antiques.  Trading in Portsmouth for almost 25 years, Ian’s entrance onto the art scene, as Artist,
is the natural progression for his creative output.
The exhibition will showcase a selection of Ian’s paintings and sculpture created in recent years in
response to personal experiences which have led Ian to find solace in the creative application of Art.
Ian’s artwork is a visual manifestation of his life, character and values. An Antiques Dealer by trade, Ian’s
practice of sourcing reclaimed materials from across the seafront to use for canvases and sculpture
material is habitual. Identifying the beauty in an overlooked object is a gift of Ian’s and is greatly apparent
when you visit his home, a sanctum of the eclectic and wonderful. A space only a true Maverick can create
and reside.
To visit Ian Parmiter’s home at Parmiter’s Antiques on Albert Road, is to be immersed in Ian’s world,
creative method and mind. The house is a treasure trove of Antiques, collectibles, artwork (his and others)
and intriguing paraphernalia. One could spend days exploring the place, a palimpsest of stories and
heritage captured in these coveted collectibles. That is if Ian had the time. For he moves through life with great speed, propelled by the energy which he credits to his Parkinson’s.