William Black: Rediscovered Works on Paper by William Black

16 September - 14 October 2021

William Black was an architect in London but in the 1950s he inherited some money and moved to St Ives. The small Cornish harbour town of St Ives has always attracted artists because of the light and surrounding countryside, but in the mid- 20th century, it became a centre in Britain for modern art. Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson moved at the outbreak of the Second World War and were later joined by others including William Scott, Patrick Heron, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Terry Frost and Dennis Mitchell. Although not as well-known William Black was friendly with the artistic community and their influence can clearly be seen on his work. He was self-taught and as far as we know never exhibited in his lifetime being somewhat a recluse. These art pieces have been collected over years and as appreciation for his work begins to grow they can now add to the mystery that is William Black.