Dominique Pouchain

In 1973 Dominique Pouchain begins his apprenticeship in the studio of his parents Jacques and Rolande Pouchain. His father was a ceramist and painter, his mother decorator. As a son he had an eye for artistry whilst working. He inherited the fascination of his father for artists like Picasso and Miro both of whom are clear influences in his work.
Pouchain began his life as a ceramist at the age of 17. He joins the Chamber of Crafts in 1977 and manufactures utilitarian pottery; Soon after he started his first animal sculptures. Characteristic of his work is the use of liquid oxide, a real signature. He creates pieces in a deep matte black which absorbs light. Over the years his work very highly evolved, but the primordial reality of the twisted clay can be found in all the sculptures. His figures go back to archetypes, simplified themes and natural forms. Not with a cold perspective, but with an innocent naivety that together with the patinated clay brings warmth and makes you smile.
From the utilitarian to joy Ceramics and bronze
Dominique Pouchain seeks his inspiration in the light and in the raw material. He is passionate and tireless; his animal oeuvre is constantly expanding, and exhibitions follow one another. His work is found in many private collections in France and around the world. He also works in Bronze. In 2003, he produces three bronze pieces in the Barthelemy foundry. This is the beginning of a long partnership.