Georges Mathieu Yassef

Georges Mathieu Yassef was born in Nice in 1943. He studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Nice (1959-1964), at the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris in the Legueult workshop (1966-1968) and at Villa Arson (1971-1972).

Yassef moved in 1971 to Bénivay in the Drôme where he currently works painting and sculpture in clay. His paintings and sculptures were exhibited in France in 1985-86 at the Aire du Verseau gallery and in Switzerland from 1984 to 1990 in Fribourg (Cathedral Gallery), Geneva (Gallery of Bastion), Montreux, Solothurn (Gallery Hermès) and Sion (Galerie la Fontaine), Morges (Gallery Pro Arte), Granges (Gallery Bernard - Hans Lichti).

Many of his creationshave joined collections
France andSwitzerland. His work is an in-depth research in painting and sculpture. A determined abstraction that expresses all the power of a moving thought. This is where this artist's work is clearly positioned in our world.